How often have you planned to get a skin treatment done and not go with it because of all the pain and discomfort these treatments can bring? Well, now, we have a solution for you that assures zero pain, no discomfort and is suitable for all skin types with almost zero percent chance of any sort of reaction.

We are talking about the Silk Peel Dermalinfusion. Don’t get too intimidated by the term “peeling” because it certainly does not require any kind of skin peeling. Instead, it is a very delicate procedure and lets you have silky smooth skin.

The procedure is relatively new and is getting popular in various parts of the world. And as for the ladies of Greenville, South Carolina, we have brought this soothing and effective skin treatment to your city.

However, there are quite a few things we would want you to know about the Silk Peel treatment before you get an appointment, so let’s get started.

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What is a Silk Peel? ​

The first and foremost thing to understand is what a Silk Peel is. To simply explain, Silk Peel is a skin treatment procedure that allows you to get rid of acne marks or wrinkles. It also helps dehydrate dry skin and even works well for improving your skin complexion.

It is a skin exfoliation process that works by removing the uppermost layer of your skin, which is primarily responsible for all the damage. The silk peel treatment might be similar to the microdermabrasion but has more benefits.

Silk Peel Benefits

The treatment is getting recognition and more acknowledgment by the ladies worldwide, especially here in Greenville, South Carolina, and there must be a reason for it.

And well, there are many. We have gathered around a few of the many benefits of Silk Peel that will definitely make you get that appointment right away!

1.    Immediate Result

The most significant benefit of the silk peel treatment is that it shows immediate results. You can start seeing the difference just right after your first session. However, how many sessions one would need varies from person to person.

Some can get what they desire right after the first procedure, while others may require multiple sessions. However, you will start noticing significant skin differences right after the first procedure. The treatment will allow you to have nicer, healthier, and smoother skin.

2.    Gentle and Painless

The biggest problem and fear factor with many other skin treatments is that they bring a lot of pain. Many women resist getting such treatments and try to adjust to their skin problems because they fear the pain they would have to suffer. 

However, you will not have to worry about it with silk peel treatment. As we mentioned earlier, the treatment is pain-free and gentle and would not cause your skin to go through an immense amount of suffering. You would, in fact, enjoy the treatment and might find it soothing and relaxing. Just like a massage to your face!

3.    No Downtime 

Ladies, you will love the silk peel treatment because it requires no downtime. You would not have to wait around for hours and even days after your treatment to be healed and get back to your daily functioning.

It is as simple as getting back to life right after leaving the clinic.

4.    Short and Effective

There is a thing about the people of Greenville South Carolina, and they are always busy! Hence, we are sure you will definitely not have so many free hours to spend on your treatment. But when you choose Silk peel, you will only have to spare about 30 minutes of your day.

Yes, you got it right! Silk peel treatment will only take thirty minutes of your day. You can literally get it done during your lunch break at work. Moreover, the results in those thirty minutes are way better than the hours of other treatments. Hence, the silk peel treatment is short and effective.

How Does a Silk Peel Works?

The process of the silk peel skin treatment is relatively straightforward. Firstly, to begin with, the treatment, you need to have a clean face, so you will have to remove anything you have on, including your makeup. Here, at Skin by Kim, we prefer applying a clarifying mask for a few minutes to remove any debris.

The process starts with using a wand with a diamond tip, which you can call the treatment apparatus. It is a coarse tip. However, how coarse depends on the skin type of the person. The purpose of this wand is to exfoliate and cleanse up your skin.

As the wand moves across your face and neck, it infuses a special serum into your skin (which you select based on your skin type and your goals for the treatment). Unlike many other treatments, the silk peel treatment allows serum infusion to take place at the exact moment as exfoliation, which will enable it to touch the deeper roots.

Once the process gets to the cleansing stage, the serum is pulled back by the suction vacuum on the wand. However, not all is removed. The infusion that remains inside reacts with your skin to deliver the results.  The rest, which is pulled back, brings out all the debris and dead skin cells from your pores.

Now, you will know why this process brings rapid results. Well, once your skin gets clean, even from the inside, it will obviously glow more!

The Types of Serums

The unique thing about the silk peel treatment that distinguishes it from the others is the use of special serums. The treatment provides a choice of four different types of serums which you can select based on your skin type and what you have in mind to achieve from the procedure.

You can select any one of these four or combine two of them together if you want. So, it’s all on you!

1.    Hydrating

As the name suggests, the hydrating serum is supposed to hydrate your skin. It is best suited for people dealing with dry skin, fine lines, or even wrinkles. The serum adds moisture to your skin and helps you achieve better and softer skin.

2.    Vitamin C

If you are not customary to applying sunscreen every time you go out, you might have a lot of sun damage. The Vitamin C serum used in silk peel treatments is responsible for any such damage.

3.    Lumixyl

One of the essential goals people want to achieve through this treatment is to get a better and brighter complexion. For that purpose, the treatment proposes this special serum called Lumixyl.

It is suitable for those who seek a better complexion for their liking and those who got a lousy complexion as a result of hyperpigmentation, melasma, and post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation.

4.    Clarity

As it says, this serum is responsible for adding clarity to your skin. It is suitable for people who seek to get rid of inflammatory or non-inflammatory acne or even acne scars.

Who Would be the Perfect Candidate for Silk Peel?

As mentioned, silk peel is way different from other chemical skin treatments and is gentle. It does not have any significant side effects attached to the procedure. Hence, the requirements to qualify as a good candidate for the treatment are very few.

The most important eligibility criteria for the treatment is good health. If you have never had a reaction to any treatment of serums before, you will probably not have any with silk peel as well. However, if you have major skin problems or are allergic to anything. In that case, we suggest making an appointment with a skin specialist (you know where to find the best one!) first and understanding your skin’s requirements.

What are the Risks Involved in a Silk Peel Treatment?

Well, all skin treatments come with some kinds of risks because they use mechanical and chemical technologies. But when it comes to the silk peel treatment, the risks involved are almost equal to zero because it is gentle and uses no invasive chemicals.

There might be a slight chance of side effects such as itching, bruising, sensitivity, and peeling, but none of it would last long. However, we have seen only a few cases reporting these.

We think that maybe these side effects would be the result of not the treatment but the quality of the treatment. This is why we always suggest going for an experienced professional and a well-known clinic that puts your safety before making money.

What is the Price of a Silk Peel Procedure?

All skin treatments are expensive, and with the rise of the silk peel, it is now in the race too. On average, a single procedure of the silk peel treatment will cost you around two hundred to three hundred dollars, which might be a lot if you would need multiple sessions.

In such a situation, the best thing to do is to go for package deals and get a noticeable discount on your treatment.

If you are a resident of Greenville South Carolina, you won’t have to worry about spending too much because you have got us! Take a look at our silk peel packages and find the best prices for yourself now!

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Where to find the Best Silk Peel Treatment in Greenville, Soth Carolina?

You must have noticed we have mentioned Greenville, South Carolina, quite a few times in our post. Well, the reason is that we are a skin clinic based here and we believe that the people of this city must have the best skin ever!

If you are looking for the best Silk Peel treatment in Greenville, South Carolina, you would be glad to know that Skin by Kim offers a silk peel treatment and the best you can get!

We think we are the best in the city because we believe in listening to the stories your skin tells us. We believe that every individual has different skin and requires extra attention, and we promise to give that attention.

Skin by Kim has the best serums, best environment, and best prices to offer you when it comes to silk peel. We even provide skin consultation before going to the treatment directly to understand your skin better, and work accordingly!

Do you have a lunch break coming soon? How about calling us now and getting your skin a break too!

The Final Verdict

We believe that covering your skin up with different beauty products might work in the short run but will eventually bring more damage to it. Your skin is your representation. It will stay with you all life-long, and having a few problems with it does not require covering it up. Instead, get it treated.

We know skin treatments sound invasive, but the silk peel is not. It is gentle, safe, soothing, and free from pain, so you will not have to suffer anything to get your skin a fresh feel. So, it is now upon you! Either decide to treat your skin correctly or keep covering it up!

Take a look at our website, and you will know what we offer and why we believe that getting a silk peel could do no harm. This is when you make a wise decision for your skin and get fresher, softer, and brighter skin! And they say, when you look fresh, you look happy!

And as Kim says, “Your skin tells a story: I want to help you tell yours!”