VI Peel - A guide to Skin Care

VI Peel - Your Guide to a Quick and Painless Fine Lines, Discoloration, and Wrinkle Treatment So You’re Holiday-Ready


Today we’ll talk about an amazing treatment via VI Peel. Do you remember your mom making you wear sunscreen as a child when you went outside to play and then reapplying it every couple of hours? Even though it may have seemed annoying at the time and caused you to delay getting back to playing Red Rover, she was probably on to something!

Many people who want to reverse the sun damage on their face and body are actually noticing a build-up from years of sun exposure. Over-exposure to the sun’s radiation can lead to unwanted skin conditions such as an uneven skin tone, dark spots, and discoloration. Additionally, sun exposure can accelerate the skin’s aging process, causing its elastin and collagen to break down more quickly.

Thankfully, there is a skin procedure that involves relatively quick treatments and little recovery time to help with these skin conditions.

VI Peel, a procedure that involves powerful blends of ingredients including vitamins, minerals, retinol, acids, and other products to improve skin tone, texture, and clarity, is a favorite here at Skin By Kim. Kim Allen, owner at Skin By Kim, is an experienced and skilled esthetician who has performed several VI Peel treatments throughout her career to help her clients see the results they desire. This type of peel is excellent for anyone who wants to rejuvenate their skin after a summer in the sun or is concerned with the look and feel of their skin due to sun exposure over the years. 

When a client comes in for a treatment, they can expect a relatively quick and painless process that peels away the surface damage of the skin and lightens the blemishes underneath it. The entire peeling process typically takes about a week to complete, but clients will start to see results soon afterward. 

The following article answers the most frequently asked questions that we get asked by clients who are interested in receiving a VI Peel at Skin By Kim. Read on to learn exactly what a VI Peel does, the different options available, and more!

What Does a VI Peel Do?

Skin by Kim VI Peel Wrinkle Treatment scaledAs a refresher from one of our other articles, Chemical Peels rejuvenate the skin by removing the exposed layer of skin that has clogged pores and damage to reveal a fresher layer of skin underneath. This procedure helps to promote cell turnover, collagen production and promotes moisture retention, leaving your skin glowing and feeling youthful.

As a specialized Chemical Peel, a VI Peel promotes smoother skin and refines pores, controls oil, exfoliates the skin, and stimulates collagen production. Depending on your skin’s complexion and the concerns you bring to Kim during your consultation, she will recommend what type of VI Peel she believes will help your overall skin’s appearance and feel. 

VI Peels offer benefits similar to light or medium Chemical Peels, which are less invasive Chemical Peel procedures that treat minor imperfections. VI Peels are recommended for all skin tones and types due to the gentle nature of ingredients. Instead of being used only on the face, neck, and hands, VI Peels can be applied to your chest, eyelids, and back as well. 

Why Should You Choose a VI Peel?

If you struggle with the following conditions, you could see significant benefits from regular VI Peel treatments, including the sun damage conditions that we discussed above:

  • Sunspots, Discoloration, Freckles, or Hyperpigmentation – VI Peels are known for brightening the skin, decreasing the appearance of sunspots, freckles, melasma, and leaving your complexion with a refreshing overall glow. 
  • Fine Lines and Wrinkles The breakdown of the top layer of skin cells can stimulate the body’s natural healing process by producing elastin and collagen.
  • Keratosis Pilaris – Also known as “chicken skin,” VI Peels can help to clear the dead skin cells that clog hair follicles that cause bumps.
  • Acne – VI Peels can reduce oil production, the number of clogged pores and inflammation, kill bacteria, and break down the outer layer of the skin to treat acne and scarring.

Set up your consultation with Kim to learn more about your treatment options if you believe you are a good candidate for a VI Peel.

How Strong is a VI Peel? 

Depending on your skin type and Kim’s suggestions during your free consultation with her, you will be recommended one of three options: a light, medium, or deep peel. The powerful blend of ingredients that a VI Peel offers breaks down the top layer of the skin to reveal new, healthy skin underneath. 

It is not recommended for pregnant or nursing women to try the procedure. Make sure to inform Kim of any medical or skin conditions that you may have before getting started so she can make proper recommendations.

Which VI Peel Should You Choose?

During your free consultation, Kim will help you determine which type of VI Peel – light, medium, or deep, is best for your skin type, tone, and condition. Again, you need to mention any medical history that you may have or any underlying conditions such as diabetes. 

Remember, not all skin is the same, so you should watch for side effects like burning, skin discoloration, dry skin, inflammation, swelling, blistering, itching, redness, allergic reactions, infections, or scarring. Stop receiving VI Peels immediately if you experience any of these side effects.

What Should You Expect During Treatment?

Generally, you can first expect the removal of dirt and oil from the skin. After cleansing, Kim will apply the VI Peel solution to your skin, which could create some tingling or numbness. Four to six hours after you leave Skin By Kim, you will follow up with the instructions that Kim gives to you at your VI Peel appointment. 

VI Peels generally take about half an hour but depend on which treatment you choose or if you are combining the Peel with other procedures.

 — And that’s it! Your skin will peel for about a week, but you will start to see the benefits of new, exfoliated skin quickly after that when peeling begins around day three. 

How Do You Care for the Skin After a VI Peel Treatment?

VI Peel Skin Care Treatment by Skin by KimAfter receiving treatment, you should wash off the Peel at least an hour before you lay down for bed but about four to six hours after the solution is applied to your skin. You can combine a mild cleanser with water to effectively wash off the Peel. 

Avoid any lotions, creams, or ointments until you wash off the solution. Only apply products that Kim recommends, like moisturizer, until the peeling is complete. 

Do not go outside without wearing sunscreen and avoid direct sunlight as much as possible — you should always try to be diligent with applying sunscreen when you go out in the sun to delay the skin’s aging process and prevent further potential sun damage. 

You can help to restore the look and feel of your skin by getting consistent VI Peels at Skin By Kim, along with any other treatments that Kim may recommend. 

How Often Should You Get a VI Peel Treatment?

You should wait four to six weeks between treatments before receiving another VI Peel for best, continuous results. Talk to Kim about the best course of action for your skin type or condition, as well as any other concerns you may have about the frequency of the procedure.

Can a VI Peel Be Done at Home?

You should not perform VI Peels at home; only remove the solution after your treatment by washing it off. Kim Allen is a trained, licensed esthetician who has years of experience performing these types of procedures. The chemicals used in a VI Peel should not be used without knowing how to properly apply them to the skin. We highly recommend never to try a VI Peel at home, but you can purchase some of the skincare products that Kim uses at Skin By Kim for everyday use to ensure that your skin looks and feels its best. 

Ask Kim during your consultation or appointment for more details.  

How Do You Book a VI Peel with Skin By Kim?

You can contact Kim directly at (864) 757-2102 or via email at You can also contact her online here

Kim offers free consultations to her clients and potential clients to discuss their skin concerns and what they hope to accomplish by visiting an esthetician. Inform Kim of any medical conditions or allergies, be sure to notify Kim before getting any treatments or procedures. 

If you’re unsure of what exactly your skin needs, this is a great time to ask questions and learn more about what products and services are most suitable for your skin type and conditions.

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